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Utilizing unprecedented resources, we will craft a unique and winning strategy to sell your property.

Let us put our experience to work for you.


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When clients sell their real estate with us, they receive an unparalleled level of service that cannot be replicated by conventional firms.

Our 24-7 accessibility gives clients confidence their listing is being handled with care.

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Industries change. Markets evolve. Great companies innovate. Real estate should be no exception. Yet, the traditional commission construct has not evolved in decades, and we know you've noticed.

Let’s talk.

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Each property marketing campaign undergoes a meticulous assessment, leading to the development of a tailor-made marketing roadmap.

The roadmap is characterized by accountability and deliverables, all tied to a rigorous timeline ensuring optimal results.

Our exclusive listings reach over one million individuals within 72 hours of going live.


For sellers seeking a discreet marketing approach, NONMLS.com configurations enable listings to remain anonymous to the general public while being delivered to a proprietary network.


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‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Strategy, planning, buying and optimization for all digital media. It's not just about Google, Facebook and Amazon, it's about driving outcomes, and finding the audience wherever they are in the digital landscape.

Beginning with a data-driven approach, our property marketing process precisely pairs exclusive listings with their most qualified audience.

NONMLS.com is our proprietary listing hub consisting of a single-entry no-code content hub, systematically distributing property listing information through a calculated multichannel sequence to a perpetually expanding database.

From one central location, your listing is marketed across a broad spectrum of search engines, real estate portals, media outlets, social networks, marketplaces, blogs, and email.

Uniting the proven foundations of MLS marketing with the exhilarating potential of NONMLS.com propels us toward a vibrant and all-encompassing vision of the future of real estate marketing, all while paying homage to the enduring significance of the MLS in today's dynamic market.‎


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Amazon SES is a cloud-based email service provider for high volume email automation. With the ability to send hundreds of billions of emails annually, Amazon SES stands out as the preferred choice for executing email deliverability.

Amazon powers our sophisticated and proprietary email delivery method with configurations capable of sending over 24+ emails a second.

Through a blend of listings, surveys, dynamic ads, and feedback initiatives, formidable tools propel listings into the spotlight, captivating audiences far and wide.


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Real estate today lives online, introduced to consumers at various touchpoints. We've perfected the art of seamlessly showcasing your listing through a meticulously crafted, multi-channel strategy.

‎Leveraging numerous memberships and subscriptions, your listing will be syndicated to more than 600+ public and private platforms, ensuring monumental online visibility, reaching both local and global audiences.

In addition, our own proprietary network of websites deliver unparalleled online exposure and engagement, here are several:

1MW.com NONMLS.com MinnesotaTeam.com MikeWilen.com EaganCondos.com MinnesotaRealEstateOffice.com FloridaRealtyOffice.com MinnesotaRealtyOffice.com MNRealEstateOffice.com MNRealtyOffice.com LakevilleHouses.com MinnesotaHomesRealEstate.com WilenTeam.com ShakopeeHouses.com MinnetristaHomes.com LakeMinnetonkaTownHomes.com MaplePlainRealEstate.com MikeWilenRealEstate.com ILRET.com IllinoisTeam.com ChicagoRealtyCapital.com ChicagoRealtyOffice.com NewYorkRealtyOffice.com TexasRealtyOffice.com MinnesotaForeclosures.com SpringLakeParkHomes.com GoldenValleyTownHomes.comSaintPaulForeclosures.com MinneapolisNorthloop.com LakeMinnetonkaGroup.com LakeMinnetonkaHouses.com BlaineCondos.com LakeMinnetonkaRentals.com BloomingtonTownHomes.com BurnsvilleCondos.com BurnsvilleHouses.com RichfieldTownHomes.com SaintAnthonyHomes.com SaintLouisParkHouses.com BurnsvilleTownHomes.com DeephavenHomes.com


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Daily, millions of people search Real Estate for Sale via the world's most popular search engines.

A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy requires significant skill to yield noticeable results.

With Coldwell Banker, we are one of the few firms with a guaranteed online presence through ongoing investment and dedication to our SEO initiatives. This ensures all properties within our sales portfolio are displayed prominently at the top of all major search engines.


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Our two global teams are highly experienced data and website professionals responsible for continuously monitoring all property marketing and syndication activities around the clock.

Utilizing advanced tracking technologies, these global teams collaborate seamlessly with AI systems to meticulously oversee ad impressions, property clicks, search results, and buyer conversions for our exclusive listings.

These teams also expand property marketing efforts to various worldwide syndication platforms, including Rightmove-UK, Zoopla-UK, Domain-Australia, Juwai-China, PropGOLuxury-International, 99acres-India, Magicbricks-India, Lamudi-International, and Property Finder-Middle East.

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Renowned for pioneering disruptive, highly coveted, and distinct property marketing, 1megawatt (1mw.com) stands as a premier in-house, fully integrated marketing and advertising entity.

Devoted to invigorating exclusive listings, we employ an extensive range of innovative strategies spanning print, video, and digital advertising. From launching listings to promoting open houses, we excel in crafting compelling property narratives and conveying essential differentiators.

Our expertise lies in crafting persuasive copy, optimizing online listing visibility, and securing prominent search result placement, all while accentuating the unique selling points of each property.

With a focus on leaving a lasting impression, our advanced syndication systems, structures, tools, and proprietary network ensure scalable property marketing transformations across local regions, guaranteeing groundbreaking buyer exposure.


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Immersive property walkthroughs, property showcases, and aerial cinematography allow buyers near and afar to experience the true assets your property offers.

Because every listing is unique, our properties are photographed by a selected group of elite photographers that specialize in telling the story of your real estate.

Excellence extends to advanced techniques in photoshop editing.

Property tours include analytics reporting that enable sellers to track insights into metrics such as page traffic, engagement, and average demographics.


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If you’re building or developing it we have the tech tools and talent to sell it.

Recognizing the developer is just as crucial as the project itself, we strategically engage with media across all platforms, crafting a compelling narrative that highlights the unique opportunities presented by the project and builder / developer.


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Global luxury is a curated collection of the most exceptional properties. each marketed to the specific needs of that particular home or development site.‎

A pinnacle property demands a service level that matches or surpasses the financial investment.

When clients market and sell their luxury property through us, they receive an unparalleled level of service that cannot be replicated by conventional firms.

Global Luxury Specialists constitute 5% of independent sales associates affiliated with Coldwell Banker. The network provides access to over 100,000 independent sales associates across more than 2,700 offices worldwide.

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‎‎‎About Mike Wilen

700+ properties sold representing the seller.

10,000+ portfolio valuations for the nations largest and most sophisticated lenders.

Co-Founder of the MinnesotaTeam.com, NONMLS.com and 1Megawatt (1mw.com).

Brokered over 3,000 .com's with notable transactions through escrow.

Working for and with some of the most affluent and influential industry leaders, developers, lenders, and technology thought leaders.

Started as a receptionist, rising swiftly to become the #2 agent in listings sold and one of the top-selling individual agents in Minnesota.

Marketing and sales of a 30+ unit conversion development in Minneapolis, reconfiguration of 400+ acres in Southern Minnesota, 54+ unit project in Eden Prairie, 20+ unit development in Western Minnesota, 100-acre land reconfiguration in Southern Minnesota, 130-unit condo conversion in Minnetonka, successful negotiations for a large-scale development in Wright County.

Highly experienced in the sale and valuation of lender owned real estate with 10,000+ portfolio valuations, optimizing loss severity percentages, 1,000+ properties managed through eviction, and over 300+ REO properties sold representing the lender.

Successful easement negotiations at a city level for utilities, coupled with two city council presentations on behalf of national client.

Developed over 13 React / NextJS real estate websites, several for high-production US agents.

Three large group speaking sessions on navigating foreclosure real estate.

Minnesota Homeownership Center Assistance - How to Purchase a Property Series.

Expert in real estate finance with tactical knowledge across the entire capital spectrum, including conventional financing, FHA loans, USDA programs, rural grants, corporate term loans, and loss severity.

Created an innovative method for calculating loss severity percentages, integrating factual and future data, meticulous eviction procedure assessments, delinquency rates, crime statistics, property valuations, conditions, and Broker Price Opinion (BPO) evaluations - the approach enables in-depth, fact-based real estate value analysis and seamless alignment with regulatory standards.

Presidents Club, and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury specialist.

A passion for tech, building large-scale real estate websites incorporating cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence for predictive analytics to VR property tours - elevating the digital presence of several startup ventures.

Media appearances on Fox News, navigating high-profile real estate opportunities in a segment on Super Bowl rentals, recognized by the Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal for a remarkable $2.6 million Lake Minnetonka project, insights into a Seller's Market were showcased in the Star Tribune, commercial acumen was acknowledged by the attorney publication Bench and Bar, national recognition from USA Today for a Mississippi River Bluff New Construction project, The Wall Street Journal acknowledged contributions to luxury property marketing, Super Agent in Twin Cities Business Magazine, St. Cloud Times and Star Tribune have spotlighted Mike's involvement in a Victorian property and a Queen Anne Residence, and participation in a Netflix housing special focusing on Northwest Minnesota.

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Put our thinking to work and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Placing more specialized resources, more value, and more compelling results in the hands of our clients.